Imagine changing your 6′ basement walls to 9′ extended tall basement walls!

Imagine doing that for less then you thought.

Do you have cracking drywall, cement, or plaster… sticking doors or jamming windows… bowed walls… leaning basement walls… excessive settling?

Foundation Solutions of N. KY excels in foundation repair.

Water that causes problems in your basement can come from different sources. Heavy rain and poor drainage can cause basements to become damp or wet. Inadequately installed drains can be a problem. The presence of an underground spring or wet weather spring can also cause water problems in your basement. Our system can correct these problems and provide you with a dry basement.

Foundation Solutions of Northern Kentucky offers:
    • Waterproofing
    • Exterior Foundation piping for draining water buildup around your foundation
    • Interior Foundation piping to prevent basement leaking and flooding
    • Fixing foundation settling, sagging and movement. Foundation settlement or movement can destroy the value of structures and even render them unsafe.
    • Settling columns, sagging beams and sagging floor joists within a crawlspace
    • Concrete re-surfacing
      • We can assess and fix all the above problems.
      • We can raise your house up off the existing foundation to replace or raise the walls to any height you like.
      • We offer a lifetime transferable guarantee.
      • We offer great pricing.
      • Call us today at 513-200-6837 for a FREE quote. (Serving the greater Cincinnati, Northern KY and Tri-state area.)

Globally recognized brands and local artisans alike choose our trees

Fully trained carpenters and joiners will often move into related trades such as shop fitting, scaffolding, bench joinery, maintenance and system installation. Worked with natural wood which has been prepared by splitting, hewing, or sawing

Professional status as a journeyman carpenter in the United States obtained

Formal training is acquired in a four-year apprenticeship program administered by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, in which journeyman status is obtained after completion of twelve weeks of pre-apprenticeship training.

Two main divisions: construction-carpentry and cabinetmaking

During pre-apprenticeship, trainees in each of these divisions spend 30 hours a week for 12 weeks in classrooms and indoor workshops learning mathematics, trade terminology, and skill in the use of hand and power tools.

Skill that can be learned by gaining work experience, not just a training

Carpenters learn this trade by being employed through an apprenticeship training—normally 4 years—and qualify by successfully completing that country’s competence test in places such as the UK, USA, Australia, and South Africa.

Woodworking is the activity or skill of making items from wood

Historically, woodworkers relied upon the woods native to their region, until transportation and trade innovations made more exotic woods available to the craftsman. Woods are typically sorted into three basic types: hardwoods, softwoods and coniferous.

We offer:
Top Quality Foundation Repairs Fair Market Pricing Lifetime Transferable Warranty*